The Count of Monte Cristo

30 Jun 2019

To summarise this book in one word: Revenge!

Set in early 1800’s France, the story follows Edmond Dantes and his long quest for revenge against the ones who wrongfully imprisoned him.

What I really liked about the book is how interconnected the plot is. As each new character got introduced, I eagerly awaited on how they would fit into Edmond’s desire for revenge. Sometimes he would befriend someone because they had some secret that would help him, other times it was to get closer to his targets. It was always interesting finding out how each character would get Edmond closer to his goal.

An aspect of the book that didn’t quite resonate me is the over-dramatic nature of certain sections. Characters would rather kill themselves then be dishonored, and the idea of ‘one true love’ is a common theme. I’m sure this is because of when the book was written, and what do I know, maybe this was true to life for people living back then!

Overall, a fantastic book and definitely deserves it’s place as a classic!

Rating: 5/5

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