2017 Retrospective

03 Jan 2018

302 contributions

Another year down! In this post I look back on what I did last year, what I need to improve on and plans for the future.

The Good

  • Made 302 commits on GitHub (Up from 145 in 2016!)
  • Deployed a Java library to Maven. SDGen
  • My post: ‘The non-broken promise of static typing’ gained some traction on dev.to
  • Built a simple (but useful!) Node.js application for checking if a domain has been registered. Domain Check
  • Created a pretty cool (in my opinion!) Chrome extension. gmail-pwned
  • Played around with Kotlin. I need to use it more but my initial thoughts is that it solves a lot of problems I have with Java.

To Improve

  • More blogging! I only posted 5 times in 2017 which is no improvement from 2016. I’d like to have at least 12 posts in 2018.
  • I felt like I got pretty lazy with a few things at various points of the year. I need to be more aware on what makes me motivated.


  • Build a webapp using vue.js
  • Get gmail-pwned on the chrome store
  • More blogging! (mentioned before)
  • Contribute to other open source projects (or create one that people use!)

Thanks for reading!

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