Vim 8.0 Changelog Is Here

14 Apr 2016

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Vim, the modal text editor and the catalyst of many arguments between developers is nearing it’s next major update, 8.0. Here are my favourite features that this update will include.

Asynchronous Support

One of the big features of Neovim is finally coming to Vim. Asynchronous support introduces multi-thread functionality. This means plugins will be able to run in the background and not freeze the editor when functioning. For example, Syntastic, (Syntax Checking) could continually run in the background and check your code without holding Vim to ransom.

Inbuilt Package Support

For a long time, the best way to install a lot of plugins was to use something like Vundle. With Vim 8.0. a group of plugins will be able to be chucked into a folder, and Vim will handle them and (possibly) keep it updated!

Ditched Support for MS-DOS

You read that title right. Vim was still being supported for an OS that came out 34 years ago. The text editor, however, will be too large of a program for MS-DOS to handle. If you’re one of the people affected by this, maybe this will give you the push to upgrade your OS.

Assert Functions for Plugin Developers

Plugin developers will be thrown a bone in the new update with the addition of assert functions. This allows the easier creation of tests, which should help reduce bugs in plugins in the long run.

To see the full changelog click here: Vim 8.0 changelog

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