An update on what I have been working on

18 Feb 2016

Long time no post! I thought I would give an update on how I’m spending my (rapidly decreasing) holidays.

Pomodoro Timer

One of the projects for FreeCodeCamp is to make a Pomodoro timer. What is a Pomdoro timer, you ask? It is a timer that switches between 25 minute ‘work’ and 5 minute ‘rest’ periods. It is a way for people to increase productivity as a person working under this method has (supposedly) better focus during the work period, and allows the brain a rest during the break periods.

My pomodoro timer is functionally complete. The timer swaps between work/rest periods and also allows the user to change how long each type of period lasts. However, presentation is lacking. I won’t be happy until it looks as good as it runs!

Click Here if you want to see what it looks like so far.

Local Weather

Another FreeCodeCamp project. This has a very simple function, display the weather at the user’s location. It uses an JSON call and the API of Open Weather Map to retrieve the weather.

So far, I have got the JSON call to work. However, passing values from the retrieved object to variables is not working for me yet. I’m sure if I spend a bit of time on it I’ll get it to work.

300 points!

Score Image

I managed to hit 300 points on FreeCodeCamp! For those who don’t know, a point is given each time a for each challenge or project completed. I’m proud that I’ve got this far in the course. Hopefully I can see it right to the end!

Thanks for reading!

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